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Experience #1 | Koh Klang
Discover Local Island Life

Looking to enhance your holiday with a unique experience? We have the most unforgettable day planned just for you! Join us for an experience of a lifetime learning about traditional Thailand Village Life in beautiful Koh Klang. Book Now!

Embark with us on a journey back in time. On this unique tour, you will discover local island life as it used to be decades ago, before Krabi was discovered by tourism. In the very early morning we will go to the local market in Krabi town where the farmers sell their fresh produce. We will take a short walk through the old town of Krabi.

A wonderful cultural experience to see the real Thailand.

On our way to Krabi River, we will visit a dim-sum breakfast shop where the local Sino-Thai population keeps the tradition of a morning-yum-cha alive. The river and its mangroves have been the lifeline for Krabi for centuries for fishing, timber and protection from rough monsoon storms.

They also offer shelter for many species of animals. If you’re lucky, we will see some monkeys that populate the riverbanks. We will discover the mangrove river on our way to Koh Klang by Longtail boat.  Once on the Island, we will meet boat builders, rice farmers and batik artists living the traditional lifestyle. Lunch will be served on a floating restaurant in the mangroves.

Experience #2 | Hong Island Adventure

Hong in Thai means “room”, and the literal translation of the Islands Thai name is “The island with the room” due to the gorgeous lagoon located in the centre.

Going by traditional Thai style Longtail boat, this relaxing day-long excursion invites for plenty of beach time and sightseeing the archipelago of Aonang. Hong Island are the “top-3 most visited” island group which you cannot miss while you are in Krabi.

Equally great for kids and adults.

Thai Lunch is served at one of the islands, Krabi-Spesialisten style. Forget crowded restaurants, boring lunchboxes and look forward to bamboo beach mats, low tables and a Thai buffet served directly on the beach. This is a family friendly excursion for all ages. You will have lots of time to snorkel, swim and enjoy the sights and sounds of life on these incredible beaches!

Experience #3 | Phang NgaTHE HIDDEN GEMS OF PHANG NGA

Dreaming of visiting the famous James Bond Island Thailand? We have the most unforgettable day planned for you! Join us for an experience of a lifetime in beautiful Krabi taking in the sites while you relax with a backdrop of perfect scenery.

Visit the famous Phang Nga Bay, home of the “James Bond Island”, where the film The Man With the Golden Gun was filmed.  Enjoy the beautiful backdrop and scenery, as we spend the day exploring.

Great for nature lovers who enjoy photography.

James Bond Island Thailand trip will take you around to see the highlights of the local area. You will have the experience of traveling by Thailand’s famous “Longtail” boats. These are long wooden boats powered by steering engines mounted to the back of the boat. The driver can steer the direction by turning the “longtail” of the boat where the driveshaft extends out to the propeller.

Paddle by canoe to Lod Cave and see the scenery of Phang Nga Bay. Wat Suwana Kuha (The Monkey Temple) is a temple inside a large cave with a 15 meters long laying Buddha statue in gold. Highly recommended!

Experience #4 | Krabi Adventure

Searching for a relaxing day taking in the sites at Krabi Hot Springs, Thailand? We have something special in store for you! Join us for an experience of a lifetime in beautiful Krabi town as we take you around the best sights and vistas imaginable. We start at Tiger Temple and finish at Krabi Hot Springs. Book Now!

Welcome to an adventure to the 3 most popular land sites in Krabi. A perfect mix of Nature, Adventure and Culture.

Fantastic mix of adventure and relaxation!

Instead of going to the crowded Krabi Hot Springs, we will go to a Private Hot Spring Spa, nearby. They draw hot water from the same natural source as the public hot springs, but limit visitors in order to give you the best possible experience. Here, we will enjoy the natural Saline mineral pools that can get up to 42 degrees Celsius.  The locals believe this water is beneficial for health and especially the skin. You will feel deeply cleansed and relaxed after a bath in the mineral springs.Join us for a full day of the best that Krabi has to offer!

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